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Lease Contemporary Art

A Tax Break To Decorate Your Office

What does it mean to lease artwork?

Displaying artwork in your office aids you in reinforcing your company’s brand and values. It conveys a poignant message to your customers, employees and partners, imbuing you with an air of sophistication and cultured professionalism. Combining business with pleasure, Rise Art is the first gallery to offer a fully integrated leasing package.

With our rent-to-own option, you can rent a work of art for a predetermined amount of time and then acquire it at the end of your contract by paying a residual part. This type of financing allows companies and professionals to acquire works of art for their work spaces in a simple and progressive way all the while reducing their taxes. This service is only available for individuals or businesses with businesses based in France or Monaco.

Advantages Of Leasing Art For Your Company

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Enhance your image

Impress potential clients and partners with an air of sophistication and cultured professionalism.

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Benefit from tax breaks
(France only)

Deduct 100% of the value of the artwork from your company's taxable income (Article 238 bis AB of the CGI).

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Spread out the cost

Renting artwork means you can pay over the course of several years (13-48 months).

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Embellish your workspace

Create an aesthetically-pleasing office, full of artistic value.

Leasing in 4 Steps

1. Select Your Artwork(s)

Choose one or more works on Contact our Art Advisors if you need guidance, they know the catalog by heart.

2. The Leasing Contract

Together we will finalize the leasing contract. You can define the monthly payments that suit you and sign the contract electronically. Our simulator allows you to measure the tax savings generated by the acquisition.

3. Shipping Your Order

Once the contract is signed, the works are delivered to you within 7 days. The transport is insured and organized by our specialized partners.

4. End of Contract

At the end of the contract, you have the option of paying the residual share to become its new, sole owner.

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